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Measurable returns on your marketing investment
Service overview
  • Shape a brand to sustain your business growth

  • Appeal to new prospects

  • Inspire loyalty in your customer base

  • Acquire new customers with cost-effective campaigns

  • Rigorously plan and test campaigns to increase the return on your marketing investment

  • Extract vital intelligence from your business data

  • Make decisions based on sound evidence

  • Predict the outcomes of your marketing activities

Marketing witch
Luca Willington is an experienced marketeer with a proven track record of sales lead generation. She has built her skills while managing marketing functions of small and medium businesses across a variety of sectors. She enjoys the creative side of marketing, working with words and images to create compelling messages, as well as the rigorous thinking involved in maximising the return on marketing investment.
Luca draws inspiration from continual improvement (Deming) and systems thinking, and applies statistical methods for process improvement to marketing and lead generation . She is a certified Google Analytics specialist - the details of this qualification can be seen on Google's Skillshop website.

She likes working with small and medium size businesses and is especially interested in discovering great entrepreneurial ideas that have the makings of success. If you have a product or service with high potential, let’s start an exploratory discussion about cost-effective ways to bring it to market.

I was put in touch with Luca Willington (Growth Lab Marketing) at a crucial time for my business in the spring of 2019. I have been setting up a new e-commerce side to my business and needed someone with the right expertise to help me with SEO, page content and marketing etc. – all areas that were fairly new to me. Luca and I have been working together since then and I am now about to launch my new website. I have found Luca great to work with: she has been efficient, professional, calm and responsive to the issues that have encountered. She is also a friendly presence. I have already recommended Growth Lab Marketing to other friends needing the skills that Luca offers.

Amanda Hall - Amanda Hall Illustration

We have been impressed by Luca’s business acumen and quick grasp of the concepts and ideas that the Deming Alliance espouses.  Luca thoroughly understood our needs and what we were hoping to achieve. She accurately translated these into a costed proposal, then efficiently managed the delivery of the project.  She has a good eye for detail and for controlling costs, to maximise the return on our investment. Having overhauled our brand image and rebuilt our website, we are continuing to work with Luca on raising the profile of the Alliance and increasing our membership base.

Brian Leeming - Secretary and Treasurer, The Deming Alliance

Luca is a knowledgeable and experienced marketeer, able to adapt to a variety of situations and audiences. She really understands our business and has brought new thinking and original ideas to Ace Tones. Luca’s commitment to doing a great job shines through. We also love her copyrighting and the improvements she has made to our website since we have started working together.

Natalie Slack - Managing Director, Ace Tones Entertainments Ltd


Working with, and taking advice from Luca has been successful in creating a value proposition that works; enlightening in areas that I and my colleagues had previously neglected; and as a bonus our joint work has been fun too. Early on, Luca showed wisdom in prompting us to examine our unwritten assumptions (for instance that a logo is a brand icon, rather than a message-delivering opportunity); and throughout has shown valuable skills in maintaining both the 30,000 foot view (where we want to go) and a shrewd eye for the details where they matter most.

Luca demonstrated a great ability to accept and work with the local culture, yet she has persistently pressed us to execute well-articulated actions: we are naturally strongly collaborative if at times vague on our ability to deliver, so judicious prodding was just what we needed. Luca has been a most effective project manager, despite our not having thought to recruit one!

John Morgan, Director of Purpose First Ltd


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