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Acquire new customers and increase your profit

Are your marketing campaigns delivering
a good return on investment?



1. Decide the aim of the campaign

Pinpoint the target segment and define the campaign's objectives. A good fit between your offering and the needs of your target is the first condition of success.

2. Specify the campaign message

  • Decide the communication strategy.

  • What will be the hook, argument and call to action?

  • Create the marketing collateral for each medium we decide to deploy. 

3. Choose the media channels

Steps 2 and 3 need to be worked out in parallel, as the message has to fit the medium.

4. Work out the marketing funnel for the campaign

What are the conversion steps the prospects  will have to go through before they become sales opportunities?

5. Estimate the conversion rates and return on investment (RoI)

We make a conversion estimate for each stage of the marketing funnel. Based on this, we can estimate the likely return on investment for the campaign. This is a probability calculation. The more campaigns we run, the more accurate our estimates will be.

6. Pilot the campaign

The size of the pilot group needs to be large enough to give an indication of how successful the campaign is likely to be, but small enough to keep the cost down at this testing stage, during which corrections and refinements may still need to be made.

7. Implement and monitor the campaign

If the pilot has produced satisfactory results, we go into full implementation, keeping a close  eye on conversion rates and making improvements as the campaign progresses.


Improving the campaign

Improvements can be made while a campaign is running, especially for online campaigns. Care should be taken not to lose track of which campaign version produced which results.


Improving the product or service offering

Running a marketing campaign will elicit your market's feedback on your offering. This is an improvement opportunity not to be missed. Your marketeer should pass this feedback on and your product (or service) development team should act on it.

Campaign steps
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